• Jailbreaking Different iOS Versions - Here is a list that gives the programs that is best for jailbreaking different iOS versions on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 using either Windows or Mac. Which program you use to Jailbreak your iPhone depending what version of iOS is installed on your iPhone. Here are the different programs [...]
  • Congratulations Your iPhone Has Been Unlocked - Today I checked my stock of 16 iPhone 4’s and found 2 Hardware unlocked iPhones and experienced my first Congratulations Your iPhone Has Been Unlocked message. I had a client do a iPhone Fido Carrier swap for a iPhone 4 Virgin that later contacted me and let me know that [...]
  • Find My iPhone Setup - It is pretty easy to set up the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. Everyone should do it, it’s free. You will really be glad you setup this feature when you misplace your iDevice. Click the Continue reading link for instructions and to see a picture showing where Find My iPhone [...]
  • 6.15 Baseband Will Break Your iPhone - I have been warning people for some time now against upgrading your baseband Modem Firmware to 6.15.00 to unlock 3G/3GS iPhone’s with ultrasn0w. This causes the 3G/3GS iPhones GPS to fail. Beijing iPhone Repair has reported in some cases 6.15′ing your 3G/3GS iPhones can cause Bluetooth and IMEI failures so [...]
  • Unlock iPhone Using Baseband 6.15 - So you got some Kid off of Kijiji to Unlock your iPhone for $20? Or perhaps you bought an used 3G/3GS iPhone and were told it was “Unlocked”. Did they tell you your GPS is now broken, or your warranty is void, or not to restore your iPhone? Well if you [...]
  • Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone - Q: Are there currently any reasons for me to jailbrake my iPad or iPhone? A: Really at this point you should only jailbreak if there are apps you want that are available via Cydia and are not available via Apple. As far as unlocking you will only be able to unlock [...]
  • I Got An iPad - Well Jordan gave me a very good deal on this iPad. I found him on today. He just got back from holidays in FL with 3 iPads. Download and install iTunes 9.1; Unpack iPad; Setup US account; Download Bible HD, Download Logos Bible Software; Blog; Go and read; Good night!
  • Apple iPad Apps - The Apple iPad when on sale this Saturday. This video gives you an idea of the quality of apps you should expect to see on the Apple iPad. Bonnier who produced the Mag+ digital magazine concept collaborated with BERG to create the Popular Science+ iPad app. Click continue reading and [...]
  • Googles Ad Mac Style - You have to love this take off of Google’s Ad: