Aug 09

That’s it! I will have two 500 calorie meals a day and after that every thing will be Calorie Tax. If I want to eat past 1000 calories I have to pay the calorie tax first. It will be very interesting to see how long I can keep this up. My target for this program is reach 149.8lbs. That is a loss of about 10 pounds and should take me about 25 days.

Sundays Calorie Tax:
556c 1:15:35

Blueberry & Rice Milk — Tax 93 Calories: Elliptical Trainer 13:15
Blueberries And Rice Milk

Small Banana — Tax 83 Calories: Elliptical Trainer 10:00
Small Banana

Striploin Steak 100g — Tax 200 Calories: Elliptical Trainer 26:50
Striploin Steak

Ceaser Salad 500g — Tax 180 Calories: Elliptical Trainer 25:30
Ceaser Salad

*Note: I am burning my calories on the Tunturi C20 Elliptical Trainer I bought yesterday; the time in xx:xx form is minutes seconds.

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