Sep 22

Here is a tool that will calculate your time splits so you can pace yourself. It works for a half marathon or a full marathon and will do the time splits for kilometers or miles.

I worked out the the kilometer splits for a 2:09:00 half marathon run yesterday but I was dreaming (see graph at the bottom of the post).

It got to dark to see in the woods at the 14km mark and my iPhone GPS or RunKeeper app was acting up so and I didn’t get the time of my second 7km leg.

I completed the first 7.1km in 52 minutes and I have no idea what it took for the second 7.1km was. I will head out earlier today with splits for 2:30:00.

Someone asked on Yahoo Answers In running, what exactly does “running splits” mean? and Yeti gave a very good answer. He also defined what the terms even (flat), positive, and negitive splits mean.

Half Marathon Splits

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