Nov 11

Thinking of using wind power. You will need to know the mean wind speed in your area so you can calculate the size of type wind power unit that will best match your area and kW needs.

To find the Mean Wind Speed anywhere in Canada go to the maps page of the Canadian Wind Energy Atlas website and select the following.

For Display Field select Mean Wind Speed, for Height select the height of your winmill (30, 50, 80 meters), for Season select Annual, and then click on one of the 61 tiles on the map that contains the location you want the wind speed for.

Mean Wind Speed

After the map comes up there is a Postal Code field below the map. Insert you Postal Code and click on Submit.

Here is the mean wind speed at a height of 30 meters of postal code N5H 3G4.


From here you can use Google to calculate meter per second to kilometers per hour or miles per hour.

For the postal code N5H 3G4 the annual speed is at a height of 30 meters is 5.14 m/s which is 18.5kmph or 11.5mph.

mps to kmph


mps to mph

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