Jun 06

Question and AnswerQuestion: Should the tea from scalding the burdock leaves be drunk?

–Ammon & Lois Zimmerman, 1890 Roger Q Mill Rd., Pembroke, KY

Answer by John Keim: The burdock leaf is eatable, but pungent to the taste buds, where as the tea would be similar. It has many beneficial properties, although it can stimulate uterine muscles. For this reason, it should not be taken in time of pregnancy.

The stems of the leaves are delicious, lightly fried in flour and butter. The tea from burdock roots is a powerful liver and blood cleanser. Recommended dosage is one to three cups daily for six weeks.

–John Keim
–Published in Balm of Gilead Burn Caretakers’ Newsletter Volume 1, No. 2, Summer, 2009

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