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Question and AnswerQuestion: If a patient takes a coffee enema, does that also flush out the good bacteria? I am wondering, should a person eat yogurt to get good bacterias back?
–John D. Hershberger, Canton, MN

Answer by John Keim: Depenting on how many and how close together they are taken. When they are used to reduce toxicity and pain, like in a terminal cancer patient, supplementing should be included.

Under Max Gerson’s program, coffee enemas were administered every two to four hours, day and night, until pain and toxicity was under control.

Under these circumstances, bacterias should be replaced by supplementing. This can be done by taking real yogurt, unpasteurized and unfrozen. Yogurts offered in supermarkets, particularly with fruits are not a good choice. Yogurt may be diluted with water and taken as an enema or taken by mouth.

When the coffee enemas are taken only three to four times per week, short term, I would not consider it necessary to replace by supplementing.

–John Keim
–Published in Balm of Gilead Burn Caretakers’ Newsletter Volume 1, No. 2, Summer, 2009

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