Jun 10

If you are looking to read a burn treatment book that uses herb practices instead of the typical practices that the established medical community uses here are three interesting books from the plain people community.

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Burn Aid by John KeimBurn Aid by John Keim

Excellent little booklet, 33 pages, describing in great detail, pictures and all, how to treat wounds and burns with B & W Ointment. Written by John Keim, who formulated the B & W Ointment.

The New Concept In Treating BurnsThe New Concept In Treating Burns published by Plain Interests Research

This 46 page Booklet is full of first hand testimonies concerning the healing of burns taken from the pages of the Plain Interests paper. The booklet offers ample verification on the healing of 2nd and 3rd degree burns using B&W Ointment and burdock leaves with out skin grafts, long stays in the hospital which have high costs and the risk of iatrogenic diseases.

Comfort For The Burned And WoundedComfort for the Burned and Wounded by John Keim

This 96 page book is published by The Philosophical Publishing Company and authored by John W. Keim.

“This helpful book provides a practical step-by-step guide for treating all types of burns in keeping with Nature’s Laws. Treatment not only for simple wounds but also for deep, extensive third-degree burns is outlined in language every reader can easily understand.

Comfort for the Burned and Wounded describes the application of natural products – clean, sterile leaves, and a natural salve developed by the author – that aid the body in healing and tells how to use substitute products in times of emergency.

Methods for using these simple preparations in healing other problems such as hemorrhages, broken bones or joint swellings are included.”

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