Sep 02

155.4lbsWell I am back home in Aylmer, Ontario and I burned 1,573 calories today by cycling 25km and running 15km. I do know how to Burn Calories By Working Out.

Today I spend from 2:21pm to 5:64pm on my cycle and run. I did the first leg of my 12.5km cycle in 23:57 for an average speed of 31:74 so I am getting closer to my goal of 32kmph. I need to get under 23:45 to hit 32:00kmph on a 12.57km leg. I was only 12 seconds off!

Here are my 4 workout legs.

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 23:57 12.67km 31.74kmph 227c
Run: 1:07:20 7.39km 6.6kmph 559c
Run: 55:27 7:72km 8.36kmph 571c
Cycle: 29:18 12:68km 25.96 216c

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