Jan 27

You can now use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone thanks to the BTstack iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard App. Now you have the ability to type into an iPhone app by a keyboard.

Here is a list of Keyboard that this app will work with.

It works with all Bluetooth HID keyboards. So far, we have positive feedback for:

–Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
–Bluetooth Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000
–Cingular Portable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
–Dell Axim Executive Keyboard
–Dell full sized Bluetooth Media Keyboard, model y-raq-del2
–Freedom mini keyboard
–Freedom Universal2 (make sure you are in HID mode)
–KeySonic 340/540 BT
–Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro
–Logitech diNovo Edge
–Logitech diNovo Media Desktop
–Logitech MX5000
–Matias Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
–Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000
–Nokia SU-8W
–Palm Wireless keyboard 3245WW
–Think Outside Stowaway Universal

You will need a Jailbroken iPhone to be able to this.

My iPhone has OS 3.1.2 and I used Blackra1n to Jailbreak. Here is the post I did when I Blackra1ned my iPhone.

The BTstack iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard App can be purchased on Cydia for $5.00.

I installed BTstack and when to Best Buy on Monday to give BTstack a run. It had a nice wow-factor but I just couldn’t see lugging around a BT Keyboard. I will keep my eyes open for a cheap BT keyboard but I can’t see me spending $60 for the Apple BT Keyboard.

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