Dec 09

I put together Finney’s article called “How to Promote a Revival” and two shorter reports that were published in a newspaper on the two lectures that were given in February of 1874. These articles are instructions to professing Christians on how to break up the fallow ground of their hearts.

Together with these three articles, I added Melody Green’s account of revival at the Last Days Ministries, where Keith Green was so deeply moved by this article he claimed to have gotten born again – again. The account of Keith getting everyone up at 6am in the morning and what happened an hour later at the School House on the community property is very soul-searching and touching.

I thought the account of the change that Finney’s article made in Keith’s life and at Last Days Ministries is a beautiful combination that should bring forth much fruit to those who would be exercised thereby.

I recieved some good from the articles when I read them all this morning, and am planning on rereading the articles and searching deeper into my soul later this evening.

If you would like some copies of this booklet, just let me know. They are free, as is postage also.

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