Feb 04

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home GymI sure didn’t like the way the Blowflex book laid these difference exercises out. I when through them and grouped them together by required setup. This workout takes 20 minutes.

Here is there intro to this workout:

“Start by performing one set of each exercise. Warm up with a light resistance exercise that you can perform easily for 5 – 10 reps without fatiguing. Focus on practicing and learning your technique before increasing the resistance.

Then move to a more challenging resistance you can perform for no less than 10 reps and no more than 15 reps without your form deteriorating. As you become stronger, you can advance to two sets for each exercise. Complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Rest 30 to 45 seconds between sets. Move slowly on each rep. Use a pace that will allow you to stop the movement instantly at any point in the rep. Count three seconds up and three seconds down and work to fatigue during each set.”

Here is how Bowflex grouped each exercise.

20 Minute Better Body Workout

Here is how I grouped the exercises.

Bench 45 and Hand Grips:
Chest: p19 Bench Press
Trunk: p45 Seated Abdominal Crunch

Bench Flat and Hand Grips:
Trunk: p31 Low Back Extension
Back: p33 Seated Lat Rows
Arm: p36 Lying Triceps Extension

Bench Removed and Hand Grips:
Arm: p37 Standing Biceps Curl
Shoulders: p23 Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise

Bench Removed and Foot Harness:
Legs: p52 Seated Calf Press

Leg Curl Attachment:
Legs: p47 Leg Extension
Legs: p56 Leg Curl Knee Flexion

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