Apr 20

Booster Juice SmoothieRussell took me for a smoothie to Booster Juice on Saturday. I am pretty big on fruit shakes and typically do up 3 to 4 a day in my magic bullet. While they are pretty expensive they are very taste and nutritious.

In the Chilliwack area Booster Juice is located in Vedder at the strip mall on the corner of Vedder Rd and Watson Rd. In London, Ontario there are 4 Booster Juice stores to choose from.

Booster Juice prepare their smoothies by hand using high quality ingredients.

1. Pure Fruit — In every Booster smoothie they pack 4 servings of fruit (your daily recommended amount).
2. 100% Juice — Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, or Passion Fruit Guava, all their juices are pure and have not added sugar.
3. Natural Sorbet — High quality natural sorbet with no fructose corn syrup or emulsifiers.
4. Herbal Boosters – Each Booster smoothie has nutritional/herbal supplements.
5. Non-Fat Yogurt — There fresh yogurt is a probiotic with active cultures which include acidophilus.

Booster Juice not only offers Smoothies but Fresh Squeezed Juices, Matcha Green Tea, Fresh Squeezed Wheatgrass, Sandwiches, Wraps, and more.

Health Food BooksThey also have a couple of books that you may want to take a look at. The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth can be had at Amazon Canada for $20.48 and you can get Wheatgrass Book for $11.60.

Shipping is free with Amazon Canada if you purchase more than $39.

I took a few pictures of the place and thought I would post them.

The Store In Vedder:
The Store In Vedder

The Front Counter:
The Front Counter

The Menu 1/3:
The Menu 1/3

The Menu 2/3:
The Menu 2/3

The Menu 3/3:
The Menu 3/3

Juice Table:
Juicer Table


Wheat Grass:
Wheat Grass

100% Fruit:
100% Fruit

Natural Sorbet:
Natural Sorbet

Herbal Boosters:
Herbal Boosters

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9 Responses to “Booster Juice”

  1. 1. Carla Says:

    How do we know the sorbet is natural? My bro worked there and said it is high fructose corn syrup sweetened.

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Carla,

    I don’t know what to say about this. I guess some definitions of natural are different from others.

  3. 3. Steve Pigott Says:

    We need a juice bar in either Cobourg, St Catherine’s or Oakville, (ONTARIO Canada )who can I send info of this nature to. We are a large property management company.

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Steve,

    You will need a total investment of $234,500 to $264,500, Net Worth of $350,000, and Liquid Assets of $100,000.

    Just fill out a franchise application form and a Booster Juice representative will review your information and get back to you.

    Here are the store site guidelines.

    All the best!



  5. 5. Jayla Says:

    Hey my Teacher said that Booster Juice isn’t that healthy. She said it is high in Calaries, FAT, AND carbs. She said that even though it is high in protein and vitemins its not a great thing to have all the time. I guess my question is is it healthy? If not how many can you have without gaining to much?

  6. 6. bob Says:

    Hi Jayla,

    I think there are a lot of things that are less healthy that Booster Juice shakes. I think if you do a calorie count you should be ok.


  7. 7. Janelle Says:


    I think your teacher may be misinformed. All Booster Juice smoothies are virtually fat free. They are mostly carbs (sugar), but the “good” kind which are naturally occurring in the fruit itself. The smoothies are so healthy because they add vitamins, minerals, fibre, and “natural/raw” ingredients to a society that sadly over-consumes pre-packaged or over-processed foods. However, unless you get a high protein smoothie, you may find yourself hungry again within a couple hours.
    All of the nutritional information can be found in the binders in each store.
    Also, I know that most of the Booster Juices in the Lower Mainland use only blueberries that have been grown within the Lower Mainland, so that’s pretty cool :).

  8. 8. Sohee Says:

    hey, how much sugar does one scoop of sorbet contain?
    i’m on low sugar diet, and i did not know that sorbet was added to the booster juice. and the amount of sugar in one juice kinda freaks me out.
    i always have soy sonic, without vanilla soy milk. i tell them to add water.
    so, every time after workout, i had water + blueberry + strawberry + two scoops of strawberry sorbet + wilderness booster + soy protein booster….could you tell me how much calorie and sugar content it will have?..

  9. 9. bob Says:

    Hi Sohee,

    You can get that the percent of sugar of most products on the container. Just weight up all your contents and them google up “calories in 100g of blueberry” and so on. This will help you come up with the calories of your shake and how many grams of sugar it contains.


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