Aug 02

Small New TestamentsI when to the Amish book store and pick up 30 New Testaments. These New Testaments are KVJ and while they may be hard for the unchurched to read but they will need to do until I can find some NKJV. I have one of these New Testaments that I keep with me at all times and it has really held up to the use I have given it. The price for these is $1.80 when you buy in quality which is a very good price. I will be using these to pass out when I am doing street work in London.

I believe that all Christians should carry tracts, booklets, and Bibles not only for the unsaved but also for those that profess Christianity. There is a famine even in our little community of Aylmer for the Word of God that instructing how to be saved and separated from the world, how to stay saved and how to grow in grace.

Book StaplerI had a booklet stapler made today which will speed up my booklet making. Now I just lay the 3 sheets in the booklet stapler and with one movement both staples are put in just at the right place. I timed myself and I can staple 10 booklets a minute which would be 600 an hour (I think I would probably slow down some before the hour was up). This means I can make more booklets and the process is not faster.

I have read John Wesleys sermon on Justification by Faith a number of times in the last couple of weeks. To me it explains very well the message of salvation and I am considering doing a take off of this sermon and writing an article on salvation and making it into a booklet. I also have other ideas for booklets for the saved and unsaved.

Henry Janzens Woodworking ShopHenry Janzen kindly build the booklet stapler for me and I want to put a plug in here for his furniture building business he runs out of his home shop. You can contact him via his cell at 519-280-1246 or visit his shop at 37 Murry St., Aylmer Ontario. He builds custom furniture, builds and installs kitchen cabinets, and what ever you need done. He does good work and has a good work ethic.

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