Apr 28

Blogging With The iPadBlogging with the iPad requires working through a number of issues. One the the biggest issues is going to be the issue of typing.

The screen keyboard takes up half of the screen and it also takes a bit getting used to. I type at 65wpm and don’t look at the keyboard but with the iPad only 20wpm.

Typing Speed

When I started to type in the iPad screen keyboard I had to start watching the keyboard.

To give you an idea of how much speed I lost I look some online typing tests on the iPad and my wpm speed was 20 minutes. So to start out typing on the iPad will take me 3 times as long.

Using Pictures

The next issue is adding a picture to the post. Typically I find a picture in Google Images and download it to my desktop. Your can’t do that with the iPad. So the only thing I can do is take a picture that has been uploaded to my blog hosting. So there is limit on what you can do as far as adding pictures.

Adding links to your post will also be a bit more challenging. That also seemed to take me about 3x as long.

Another thing that I found an issue was that the editing window wouldn’t allow you to scroll at all. So when your blog post gets to the end of the editing window you can’t go any further until make some changes to the Settings|Writing|Size of post box. I set mine to 70 lines.

So the long and short it is doable but it will take you from two to three times longer.

It already takes me a long time to do a blog post and I just don’t know if I am ready to spend that much more time in a post.

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