Jan 01

Blogging SistersMy brain is always working and I am always coming up with ideas. Many of them are not the best and never pan out but from time to time I come up with some good ideas. Here is one the latest ideas I have come up with.

I purchased the domain BloggingSisters.Com this week. The plan is to put up a website where sisters from the Vienna, Niagara On The Lake, Hesson, Comber, Springfield, and Port Burwell congregations can register and write blog articles for different business.

The site would provide A to Z training in the way of articles on the art of blogging. The training would cover things like writing skills, how to research subjects on the Internet, enhancing the look of a blog article (titles, white space, pictures) , and how to use blogging software like Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad.

After each training article their would be a short test to make sure the person has a grasp of the information. After the person finishes their training they would write a number of articles (around 5) and post them on a test blog. These blog posts would be reviewed and feedback and suggests would be provided so chances, if there were any needed, could be made.

Each bloggers would have a profile they would fill out which would also list the training they have taken and provide links to the blog post they had written.

The blogging services would be marketed on on BloggingSisters.Com but also on my SEO Company and my new Website Design site business that I will be developing on SiteMaker.Org.

The pricing for the services offered by BloggingSisters.Com would be priced at $5 to $20 per blog post depending on the length of the article with all the money going to the bloggers.

Providing an economical blogging service would bring a number of benefits to my businesses. The Premium $500 website I will be offering at SiteMaker.Org includes 5 regular pages (home, about us, contact form, privacy policy, photo), 5 advanced pages (FAQ, links, sitemap, products/services ecom, blog), and 10 pages of content that will target the key phrases the website wants to rank on the search engines for.

The plan is within a year to put together a team of 5 brothers that will sell and product 4 websites a day which works out to 1,008 websites a year. If 50% of those are the Premium $500 website then by the end of 2010 I will need 20 articles a day or 420 articles a month.

I would also offer the blogging service with my $99 blog install service to current website owners. For website owners that have a blog and get blogging done through BloggingSisters.Com this would give me access to them to offer up sells of SEO/SEM products.

Well it will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Here is the list of features that we may be offering on the Premium $500 website.

$500 Premium Turnkey WebSite $12/mon hosting
–basic 2 or 3 column design
–first sourced content column
–w3c validated pages
–cross browser compatibility
–table-less HTML with markup in external CSS files
–content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit all your pages in a backend editor
–contextual spelling/style/grammar backend editor
–5 regular pages (home, about us, contact form, privacy policy, photo)
–5 advanced pages (FAQ, links, sitemap, products/services ecom, blog)
–10 pages of content fully optimized with ($20/page for additional pages)
–graphics call to action (CTA) for each product/service page
–key phrase research (list of top 5 to 25 key phrases)
–3 blog reviews from other websites (helps to get the site in the search engine index)
–ecomm via PayPal
–XML sitemap
–audio enabled
–youtube enabled
–social media twitter/fb
–twitter/fb/rss icon
–popup mail opt in
–email marking for opt-ins
–Google analytics
–customer relationship management (CRM)
–Amazon affiliate

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