Aug 08

The WordPress blog software and Mac blog theme have been installed and Saad is installing a number of WordPress extenstions. Here is a link to where the new blog is being built. I will post a list of the extension that have been installed later. There will be a extension that will tweet all new blog posts in “blog post: $title $URL” format to my twitter account. Also I am getting a Flickr WordPress extension that will show my Flickr account pictures on the blog.

On the iPhone end of things I am using Mobile Fotos to upload my photos from the iPhone to my Flickr account and WordPress for iPhone so I can post short blog posts to the new blog via the iPhone.

I spend most of Wednesday getting ready to travel to my parents so didn’t make time to do my daily blog post for Wednesday and Thursday I was traveling.I spend Wednesday finishing up some of the things I needed to do before I left for my parents. Thursday I left London at 5:15am and bused to Toronto via RobertQ Airbus.

My plane left Toronto at 10:15 and landed in Halifax at 1:00pm and then I left Halifax at 3:25 and landed in Charlottetown at 4:15pm. So I am just getting my computer system up and running now and will be trying to post daily on the new blog software while I am here in PEI.

The picture of my system to the right isn’t the best due to poor lighting but as you can see I took my computer box with me from the office and two 19″ LCDs.

Here is a pictures of my Quad Headed system from my home office. I am due for a update on this system. I would like to get a smaller box so I don’t have to remove the front cover to meet the 19 1/2″ requirement when I fly and I want to get a bit faster computer.

This one is 3.2GHz P4 with 320GB of RAID0 SATA drives and 2GB Ram. The monitors are 19″ and will only do 1280×1024. I have my eye on four used 20.1″ Dell LCDs that will do 1900×1600 and will also can be changed to horizontal and do 1600×1900. A quad-core CPU and 15k rpm SATA drive would be nice and I think its time for me to move from XP to VISA so that means about 8GB of Ram.

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