Feb 15

Blackra1nedBumped with install of Intelliscreen, Iconoclasm, and SBOrganizer.

So I was at 3.0.1 with redsn0w and I lost my tethering and ability to take pictures so I 3.1.2ed and blackra1ned. It was a breeze.

After blackra1ning I installed the following jailboken apps (not available on Apple’s App Store).

Cydia — offers app for download that Apple doesn’t offer, Free
Rock — offers app for download that Apple doesn’t offer, faster than Cydia, Free
Backgrounder — multi tasking, Free
3g-unrestrictor — run apps over 3g that are WiFi only $2
SBSettings (tenuis matte) — utility to access iPhone settings quick and easy, Free
Rotation Inhibitor — locks the screen rotation, Free
Mobileterminal — iPhone terminal (su root, alpine, passwd change root pw), Free
Multifl0w — iPhone multitasking interface, $5
Bite SMS — SMS with lots of nice features, 30d trial/$10
MyWi — makes your iPhone a WiFi hotspot, 9d trail/$9.95
Intelliscreen — see critical data like calendar appointments on Unlock screen, 9d trail/$10
Iconoclasm — allows you layout your icons any way you want I use 5×5 via Cydia, $3
SBOrganizer — provide a portable way to reorder your springboard application icons, $1

I skyped (skype to landline) up my dear parents (love you mommy and daddy) and spend 20 minutes with them on iPhone skype driving down Nova Scotia Line (Aylmer, Ontario area) with no drops and a very good connection. And yes I was skyping over 3g and I was hands free.

The only thing I don’t like about blackra1n is with almost all 3GS iPhones you have to do a tethered reboot.

i gu3ss n0w th4t 1 am j41lbr0k3n 1 4m 4 1337 h4ck3r


Original Post: Jan 3 2010

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