Jul 11

Bible Study GroupI plan on starting to take better notes and posting what we cover in our Bible studies. This report is kind of incomplete as it is hard to remember what we all discussed a day later. Any way here are the highlights that I remember.

Aaron will be preaching the main message Sunday at Vienna Charity congregation on July 12th. The topic will be “Keeping Your Conscience Clear.” The morning meeting starts at 9:30am and visitors are welcome.

Bob shared by testimony the steps it took him to break the cycle of sinning and repenting he fell into when he was in Chilliwack and didn’t have a congregation or brethren to keep him accountable. They are as follows; 1. Commit to forsake all sins, 2. Get saved, 3. Find a group of sin free Christians, 4. Confess your weaknesses and failures, 5. Ask to be keep accountable, 6. Keep in text message or phone contact with faithful Christians, 7. Testify to complete victory over sin, 8. Pray and read first thing every morning when you get up, 9. Avoid places where you fell into sin, 10. Pray for a holy hatred of sin, 11. Work for Jesus. These points are expanded in the How I Got Victory Over Committing Willful Sins post.

Stuard brought out the blessing of having a brethren that keep him accountable. He was in a place of temptation when one of the brothers exhorted him by phone to keep his head up, to watch and pray, and be careful not to be overtaken by the devil.

Abe brought out how he gave a tract to a person on the street and how they had been having dreams concerning the topic of the tract. His thought was that God is working behind the scenes and prepares the hearts of those that we talk to when we are doing tract work and that our labor is not in vain. It was also shared of how a brother who had committed to share Christ with 10 people each day had never heard of any fruit of his labor. Then a minister looked him up that had heard over the years testimonies of people that got saved and how this one same person as used by God as instrumental in their conversion. The thought was that even if we don’t see fruit from our labors we may very instrumental to people being saved and that we should labor on and not faint.

Faith: There was quite a bit of discussion about how we get faith. Do the works of God in our life bring faith or are the works in our life brought by faith. Rom 10:17 and Jude 1:20 were discussion as how we get faith and how faith gives us victory over the world 1Jn 4:3, we stand by faith 2Co 1:24, we quench the darts of the evil by faith Eph 6:!6, and we are kept by the power of God by faith 1Pet 1:5.

Doubting: It was discussed way the apostles doubted in Mat 28:17 and doubting Thomas and other cases of the disciples doubting were discussed. The conversation then moved to why we double and how we need to pray I belief but help thou my unbelief. Also if we are doubting and lacking faith how we need to pray for faith and read and pray that our faith may be build up.

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