Aug 27

Update 08-27-08: I had to disable this plugin as it was taking 20 seconds for the How To Be More Christ Like article to load. If I can’t get the coders of this plugin to add a feature where the linking of the scripture references is trued off I will need to move on and try to find another plugin that will provide tooltip scriptures.

Update 08-26-08: Laurence who has a blog on Reformed theology & philosophy kindly send me the following code which fixes my non-standard abbreviations. Now if I can just get him to put 1) KJV in a db so I can have KVJ instead of ESV; 2) The ability to turn off the outbound link for the scripture abbreviations; Thanks Laurence!

$abbrev_regex .= ‘1Sam|2Sam|1Kin|2Kin|1Chr|2Chr|1Cor|2Cor|1Tim|2Tim|1Thess?|2Thess|1Pet |2Pet|1Joh|2Joh|3Joh?’;

Original Post 08-25-08:
I took time this morning to see what was out there in the way of WordPress Plugins to make scripture references in my blog posts have a rollover tooltip. I am testing out The Holy Scripturizer plugin and it seems to be working fine.

Currently the tooltip only shows the English Standard Version (ESV) version so I posted a comment on the The Holy Scripturizer About Page to see if they can add a feature where the rollover tooltip will show KJV.

The only other issue is the way I have done my references- where I don’t leave a space between the 1 and the book name as in 1Cor 3:16 (here it is working 1 Cor 3:16) and the plugin gives an error of those. So instead of changing all my references I have requested that they modify their code to read references that don’t leave a space. An additional option that would be nice for the plugin would be the ability to unlink the scripture references as that just the rollover tooltip can be used.

I like the way the plugin has been implemented so that it doesn’t change your database. “Scripturizer doesn’t actually modify anything in the database. Everything is done per request. It is modified after each post/page/comment is pulled from the database but before it is displayed. This hurts performance, but keeps all of your posts un-altered and does not permanently modify anything. Uninstalling the plug in should return things to normal.”

Not only does this plugin have a rollover tooltip, but it also links all your scripture references to and this allows you to add in what version you want the link to go to. So for example if you think Titus 3:10 is clearer in the Youngs Literal Translation that in the KJV you can product a link to both. Tit 3:10 YLT or Tit 3:10 KJV.

So for now you will have to put up with the EVS for the rollovers tooltips but I hope to change that shortly.

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3 Responses to “Bible References in Tooltip”

  1. 1. LO Says:


    The mouseover feature only works with Bible sites that provide an API, such as the ESV site. So, it is not possible to do a KJV mouseover until an API is created for a KJV-based site. Also, we don’t have plans for adding a KJV database to run the feature that way.

    However, you can select KJV as your default translation via the settings page (settings -> Scripturizer).

  2. 2. LO Says:

    …forgot to add this:

    We won’t add non-standard abbreviations, but if you would like to customize your own copy of Scripturizer, add a new line after line 467, and paste this code there:

    $abbrev_regex .= '1Sam|2Sam|1Kin|2Kin|1Chr|2Chr|1Cor|2Cor|1Tim|2Tim|1Thess?|2Thess|1Pet|2Pet|1Joh|2Joh|3Joh?';

  3. 3. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi LO, Thanks for your response. How about putting the KJV into a db and adding that as a feature to your plugin? Really what I want is the tooltip more than the links. I would be willing to pay. Thanks for the code.

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