Feb 21

Bible GamesWe played an interesting Bible Game at the Weaver’s Saturday night. One person asks a question and the others put up their hands and the person that asked the question desides who answers it. Whoever gets the question right gets to ask the next question.

Answer the question from memory get three points, from your Bible two points, or from your concordance one point.

Questions that were fielded were from simple questions like how old was Jesus when went to the temple to more difficult questions like list the 10 commandments, 10 plages of Egypt, or list the nine beatitudes.

After the questions were answered there was a time of discussion. Stuart shared a song on the ten commandments, I shared how memorizing the first letters of the beatitudes, pmm|hm|pppr, is a easy way to remember the order of the beatitudes.

In discussing the ten commandment it was noted that the last 5 commandments are sins that descend in severity. Kill, adultery, stealing, lying, and coveting.

The forth commandment is the only commandment no longer in effect — the Sabbath, which is followed by honoring your parents; the first two are closely related, have no other gods before you and don’t make graven images to bow down; and the third is don’t use God’s name in vain.

Bible games are a good way for your children to learn the Bible and for you all to have good spiritual discussions. They are much better use of your time than playing dice and card games.

You can challenge your children to look into their Bible and come up with good questions for the next Bible Game. Make sure you take time to discuss the scriptures that relate to the questions. Your questions can be yes or know, where is this found, repeat a scripture list, or name that person.

So put the dice and cards away and have fun learning the Bible with your Children!

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  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Very good! I see Bible games as a very important part of teaching children.

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