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Mar 17

I was accepted as a member of the Gideons and I got my welcome package which includes a name tag. Membership is $100 a year or $1500 for a lifetime. You also have access to the New Testament in KJV or NASB at no cost. I got a box of both versions to start off with which I think is around 300 Bible altogether.

The Gideons has a very good name which is a help for those that do door to door witnessing.

Hi I am Bob Mutch from the Gideons and we are giving out free Bibles today. Is there anyone in this home that doesn’t have a Bible?

I have already been going business to business in London handing out Gideon Bibles to employees. I also try to leave booklets with them and as soon as I get my CD Printer/Duplicator I will also be able to provide them with a free audio Bible CD.

Five other brothers from our Friday evening Bible study are also in the process of filling out applications. I think this is an excellent vehicle to help in Christian witnessing.

Oh and as far as I can remember it was through reading a Gideon Bible I got converted in prison some 29 years ago!

Member Of The Gideons

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  1. 1. bill johnson jr Says:

    Now all you need to do measure to the Gideon standard, as shown on their booklet, is shave the beard and get a nice suit and tie.

  2. 2. Dale Jonasson Says:

    Greeting Bob,

    Welcome to becoming a member of the Gideons. I too have become a Gideon a couple years ago and really love this ministry. It would be wonderful to hear your testimony of salvation. The Gideon ministry played an important part in my life because before I became a Gideon I was depressed, very sad and lonely, thinking of suicide from time to time. Saw a Gideon bible in a hotel room and started to reconnect with God. Later was asked to join the Gideons and now I have a purpose in life greater then myself.

    Keep up the challenge to give the Word of God to those you meet.

    Dale Jonasson

  3. 3. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Bill; I have no plans on measuring to the Gideon standard in dress. I am anti-necktie, and at this point have no plans at all to shave my beard. As far as the suit goes I have a couple of nice suits which I wear from time to time.

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Dale; I am glad to hear you are doing good in your soul! I really like the good name the Gideons have and I think it will open doors for me. Also I like the fact that they provide you with free New Testaments to pass out.

    I plan to go door to door here in Aylmer offering free Gideon Bibles, free mp3 New Testaments on CDs, and free booklets by John Wesley etc. Those that have an interest I will offer to have bi-weekly Bible studies with them if they want to.

    Current I am going to London, Ontario almost daily and passing out Gideon Bibles and booklets. It is a great blessing to work for the Lord!

  5. 5. Dale Jonasson Says:

    It’s great to hear from people like yourself with the passion to spread Gods Word. And I’m glad you won’t shave the beard. It fits you well. While the Gideons do have a “business” standard for dress, we are called to be in the travel lanes of life. Here in California, more and more of the evangelical churches have pastors that don’t wear even a tie. Mine does not. But, when I speak in churches, I typically wear a tie. It’s easier to dress up then down. But we have members hear too that won’t wear a tie. Besides, there are plenty of places where it would not be right to wear a tie, even for Gideons.

    I’m surprised that you get the PWT’s for free. In the USA, we have to buy them ourselves. Perhaps you get some for free to start, then have to pay for the rest there in Canada.

    If you ever get a chance, come to the International Convention. This year it is in Columbus, Ohio, not far from you. You will be blessed and get a “big-picture” of the ministry.

    Take care

  6. 6. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Dale Jonasson; The Personal Workers Testaments (PWTs) are not free in Canada but the Personal Ministry Testaments (PMTs) are free.

    Is there a way you could get me an invitation to the International Convention. I would love to go but current I am not allowed in the states due to my criminal record (mostly soft drug charges).

    My warrant expire date on my last conviction was about 20 years ago and I have received a pardon here in Canada but they still have a record of my criminal record at the US border.

    How would I go about getting an invitation to attend?

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