May 21

B.T. RobertsFletcher was a very loving, amiable man, but he was a very outspoken one. He has one chapter entitled, “An Address to Baptized Heathen.”

The matter that follows is worthy of the title: “O ye that regard pleasure, profit and honor more than justice, mercy and the fear of God; ye that, far from embracing Divine truth at the hazard of your reputation, spread abroad scandalous untruths to the ruin of other people’s reputations; ye who try to persuade yourselves that religion is nothing but a monstrous compound of superstition, enthusiasm and priestcraft;

Ye who can violate the laws of temperance or honesty without one fearful remorse, breaking through promises, oaths and matrimonial or sacramental engagements, as if there were no future state, no supreme Judge, no day of retribution, no Divine law enacting that ‘whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” he shall be ‘cast into the lake of fire’; that ‘the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God,’ ye are the persons whom I beg leave to call baptized heathens.”

Reader, are you a Christian?
–B.T. Roberts

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