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Balm Of Gilead Vol 1 No 2Editoral by Mark Stoll:
Today is once again a perfect summer day. The sun is shining warmly, the martins are singing so cheerily, the world is green and things are growning. Even after six thousand years we can see God made everything perfect and in its order.

As God promised in Genesis 8:12 “…that while the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.”

In spite of this promise, the majority of people follow their own way, serve self, forgetting that we have a Creator that put each of us here on this earth for a purpose.

May our goal be to be conscientious to use our time and efforts in things that are pleasing to him.

We know that as long as time goes on, there will continue to be people that get burned, and will need help to dress their injuries and wounds.

A number of you have written that you have taken the course, are interested in dressing burns, but so far there have not been much opportunities to put your skills into practice.

I guess we are all glad when there are no serious cases of burns, etc. Yet, we would like to keep brushed up and ‘on our toes’ so that if the time ever comes that someone needs your help, that you will right away know what steps to take.

That is one benefit of this newsletter. Reading of each other’s experiences and learning from each other. So keep your TIDBITS and stories coming.

We have something that we would like to share with you again. You know, when we sent out the last newsletter in March, we mentioned that Bydia Miller’s leg was healing nicely where the skin graft had been taken off (in Mexico) and new skin was growing back again.

When everything was healed except a small area about the size of a silver dollar right where she bent it (under the knee). It seemed that things kind of came to a stand still and just wasn’t in a hurry to finish healing up. We finally decided it is because she was continually bending all the time.

So we made a cast on her leg, and before it hardened, cut out a window right behind her knee, so that we could continue dressing the small stop. The cast kept her knee from bending (yet not too rigid so as to damage the knee cap). And PRESTO! It finished healing up in a hurry.

One subject that we feel should be elaborated on quite heavily sometime is the need to be sure that body parts are not touching each other when they are healing.

We had a letter from one of our caregivers that had someone come to him with a child’s hand that had been burned and they thought they know how to do the dressing, etc. You know that smaller children mostly have their hands closed (made into a fist).

Apparently, this child’s hand was wrapped and let heal this way. When the child was brought to his place, its finger tips had grown fast to the palm of the hand. how tragic!

In the fall newsletter, we want to give sketches and have an article on this subject. We can hardly be too careful when we are the ones responsible. if we are unsure of ourself, or in doubt, let’s always seek the advise of those that have had more experience.

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A Taxi Driver Goes From The Scrub Tank To The Soothing Way

Last Issues Questions:
Burn Treatment — How Much Compression
Burn Treatment — Do Enemas Flush Good Bacteria
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Next Question:
Right now I am doing a fifteen month old baby’s hand that he got against the stove and did not let go right away. It had big blisters and I read my instructions hurriedly and could not decide what I need to do with the blisters.

I finally said we will waith until the next day and see what happens. They were still very full and tight so I took a needle and opened them up. Did I do the right thing to wait or to open them?
–Fannie Miller 13627 Raski Rd., Engadine, MI 49827

Editor: This issue’s questions were answered by John Keim only. If at all possible we would like to always have his response. But we also welcome your input, and would be glad if you could share any experience that you may have had.

Send your response to Mark & Dora Fern Stoll, 51623 College Line, Aylmer, ON N5H2R3

[Bob Mutch: If you would like to email your questions to John Stoll I will print them out and forward them to him. You can email the questions to bobmutch at gmail dot com]

Readers Tidbits:
We got involved in this because of our experience with two of our children. In 1973, our two year old daughter, Gloria, sat in a cooker with boiling water and had first and second degree burns from waist to knees. (It was one of those blue granite cookers with dome lid.)

She had her doll and wanted to watch us as we butchered chickens, so she sat on the cooker, the lid slipped back and she fell in, buttocks first.

A gray haired surgeon, Dr. Finfock, was on duty and the first thing he asked me when he saw Gloria was, “Do you want to take her home?” I was overwhelmed but said, “yes, if I know how to care for her.”

So he made a list of eight steps. He said the reason for sending her home was; (1. She was immune to the germs at home and not at the hospital — therefore she wouldnb’t be as apt to get an infection. (2. She only spoke dutch and would be more relaxed at home — therefore she would heal faster. We felt so blessed, but that the time we didn’t realize how much.

Ten years later our eight year old son had second and third degree burns on his chest, arms, neck, and chin when his shirt caught fire when gas was splashed on it by accident.

We treated that at home that evening. (Mervin’s crew had worked for a Mennonite doctor and was a good friend of ours so we had called him.) When that doctor saw him the second day, he said it’s looking good, but if we would have gone to E.R. that first night, they woudl have sent us straight to Columbus. (We were living in Ohio by then.)

We knew that, that’s why we stayed at home. He has scars, but they are under his clothes and his beard covers the little on on his chin. We are thankful for that.
–Marvin & Fern Miller, Belle Center, OH

One sunny September day I went out to do my laundry. We have our wash house outside with two doors, one to the front and one to the back where my washline is. I have done myh laundry for some over thirty years in this wash house.

Outside the back door is a cement walk with a landscaping post. I somehow fell, falling sideways, hitting my shoulder the long way over the landscaping post. I couldn’t use my arm. It was a few days before to the doctor and he x-rayed, showing a rotary cuff tear.

I went in for surgery and there another x-ray was done showing the same. So they did an MRI before surgery to make sure what this MRI showed. It showed a bad bruise, so the doctor made an appointment for therapy in a few weeks.

Some suggested trying burdock leaves, so we did. One and a half hours after putting on burdock leaves, I could tell a big improvement. I put this on twice a day for one week. Then when I started using my arm more, I then used burdock leaves just nights.

Before my doctor’s appointment was up, I was using my arm with no pain. So I didn’t need to go back to therapy.
–Mrs. Joseph R. Wagler, Montgomery, IN

My neighbor had a bad cut on her foot and developed a read streak of blood poisoning. They applied a scaled burdock leaf on the cut overnight and the next morning the streak was gone. I realize one incident will not prove anything, so I wonder if anyone else will find that it works.
–Marlin & Alta Martin, 4076 Fred Taylor Rd., Penn Yan, NY 14527-9545

Last fall I found scalded burdock leaves to give excellent pain relief for my sore wrist that I got from husking corn by hand. It was no open wound, only sore muscles. I scalded the leaves and put them on my wrist and since there was no open wound I wrapped it with Saran Wrap. The pain disappeared overnight so I could go on husking the next day.
–Mrs. Melvin Mullet, W989 Granton Rd. Granto, WI 54436

The first experience was when a gas can exploded into a fifteen year old boy’s face. We treated this face for eight days. He had first, second, and a little third degree burns on his face. Oh the joys ot see his face turn back to normal with no scars, which took three to four weeks.

Another experience was when one young mother was talking canned potatoes out of the pressure canner. One jar exploded and left a two inch gash in her wrist and hand. She when to the doctor for stitches for the cut. Then we treated the burn and everything healed nicely.
–Mary Jane Leid, 2064 Roxbury Rd., Shipensburg, PA

We have found this newsletter quite interesting. But one suggestion I have is, about what supply of 4×4 gauze for debribing. I didn’t see this on the “Supply Needed List” in the spring newsletter.

Editor’s Notes: Yes, we forgot to mention 4×4. We keep then on hand, but don’t use them a lot. We use 4″ conforming gauze cut in strips for debribing. It’s a bit cheaper.
–Mrs. Melvin Mullet, W989 Granton Rd., Granton, WI 54436

I thought it sounded very interesting of care takers’ gathering. It sure would be interesting to meet all these people.
–Liberty, KY

You mentioned that you attended a care takers’ meeting in Holmes Country, Ohio. I would be very interested in attending such a meeting if I could find out where it is.

Editor’s Notes: I think that the ones in Holmes/Wayne Co., Ohio get together twice a year. Some in Michigan every other month, some in KY on a regular basis, too. That is very valuable and I ‘m sure worthwhile. Maybe someone wants to make a reunion some summer for all of us?

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