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Balm Of Gilead Vol 1 No 1Editoral by Mark Stoll:
Here we are in the month of February, and even though the sun shines warmly through the window, spring still seems a long way off. In the mornings, the mercury still drops below freezing.

We just returned from an extended trip to Mexico. So I guess we aren’t used to the cold any more.

We would like to first of all thank each of you who took time to share experiences and responded to the invitation to be included in the newsletter. Sharing of experiences is mostly what his newsletter will consist of, so we are depending quite heavily on you. Space did not allow to use everything the first time, but that is all right. We will save the rest for some other time.

Just a few suggestions to make life easier for us. Please double space your stories (leaving an empty line between). That will make it much easier for us to read and edit.

Your subscription began in January of 2009 and will expire in December of 2009, getting four issues in this time frame. Unless you sent money for two years. This also means that any money received during the year, will also receive back issues for that year.

Remember that postage to Canada cost $0.72 for a letter. So be sure to have the correct amount of postage on to avoid delays.

We had mentioned in our letters that we are advising all serious burns to be taken to Hills & Dales General Hospital in Cass City, Michigan for evaluation. Their number is (989) 872-2121. They have had several cases now and as per our phone conversation are working very closely with us to serve the Plain People.

We have a section called Readers’ Tidbits, where you will get the opportunity to have your say. So it is up to you to make use of this section. This will not need to be only about burns, as you can see, but try to keep it to something that is of use and interest to the Plain People.

In each issue we will use two or three questions for the Wondering And Sharing section. We are hoping to have John Keim’s help in answering them. However, we do welcome your input as well. The answers will always be in the following issue.

Please not where you can buy supplies to keep on hand and what we recommend that you keep stocked. See page 15.

An account of our trip to Mexico and the latest on Lydia Miller is on Page 16.

A Serious Third Degree Burn On A Child
Healing A Burn Is Not Always A Picnic
Making History In Tijuana Mexico
Burn Caretakes’ Supplies

Readers Tidbits:
Will be coming shortly.

Next Question:
It is so important to understand what a person is doing. One thing that I don’t understand and I would like to know is when you how much compression to put on when you bandage a burn.
–John & Susie Schwartz 2697 W. 450 N., Greensburg, IN 47240

If a patient takes a coffee enema, does that also flush out the good bacteria? I am wondering, should a person eat yogurt to get good bacterias back?
–John D. Hershberger, Canton, MN

Should the tea from scalding the burdock leaves be drunk?
–Ammon & Lois Zimmerman, 1890 Roger Q Mill Rd., Pembroke, KY


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