Nov 17

Heading Out For A RunAfter taking a month and a half off from running I am back at it.

In the 1 and a half months I have taken off it looks like I picked up 2lbs which is not to bad. My lowest weight has been a fluctuation from 155 to 160lbs depending when I weighted myself. I should be able to run those two pounds off in a couple of weeks.

While I was watching what I ate I was not really limited myself over weight concern. I think I will be able to keep my weight even by running 5km in the morning 3 days a week plus doing my sit-ups and push-ups routine (which I also put on hold).

RunKeeper SplitsSo this morning I ran 5km early this morning in 26:34 and another 5km around noon at 26:57.

I will do 5km to 15km every 2nd day for the the next 2 weeks and perhaps do a half marathon at Springwater Trails. That should give me a post-workout weight of 155lbs and a morning weight of around 160lbs.

When I get to there I will go to my 5km in the morning 3 days a week plus my sit-ups and push-ups routine.

While I enjoy running I have lots of other things to do that are more important than running 1 to 3hrs a day.

RunKeeper RrackingTo the right is the RunKeeper Pro tracking screen.

Here is my work out for today:

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Run: 26:34 5.00km 11.29kmph 378c
Run: 26:57 5.00km 11.13kmph 378c

Both runs were recorded with RunKeeper Pro which has a new update that gives you a splits screen (see screen shot to the right).

The way they do splits is very well thought out. You select the Options button in the Tracking screen and select the Splits Display button from the pop up menu. From there each kilometer (or what ever you set it for) a new line entry is created and to the left it gives you your current page. When that kilometer is passed it posts you time for that kilometer and then starts a new line.

RunKeeper MapsTo the right is the maps screen.

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