Mar 09

I was asked to take this poem down.

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8 Responses to “Baby Give Me Some Time!”

  1. 1. jake Says:

    by who and are you thing of going back to church of god restoration

  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Jake,

    No I am not going back to the Church of God Restoration group. Six clear reasons come to mind why I wouldn’t.

    1. Uneven Weights — they make excuses for the faults, errors and pass sins of their own people. They tell you never to listen to rumurs about them. Then they embelish the faults, errors, and pass sins of those who have left and paint them in the worse possible light. They are also quick to beleive and repeat any evil rumor about those who have left.

    2. Set aside the commandments of God for there traditions — they teach wifes to disobey there husbands in that they must obey the ministry over them. They teach the children to disobey there parents in that they must obey the ministry over them. They teach the wives to leave there husbands if they won’t let them take the children to their sect.

    3. Idol worship and Blaphemy — they hold there sect is the ark of God, the gate to heaven, and the way the truth and the lift. They claim you can’t seperate the “church”, meaning there sect, and Christ. They praise their sect.

    4. False Gospel — they teach if you reject there sect as the true church you will not be saved thereby making accepting their sect a requirement for salvation.

    5. Divisional — beware of those that cause division and reject them. They teach there people to reject other Christians that reject them as the one true church and all other churches of the devil.

    6. Macro Manage Members — They take the place of the holy Spirit and tell you where you can move, where you can marry or not, and macro manage your life to the place where they move the control of the Holy Spirit out of your life.


  3. 3. jake Says:

    i seen that coming that is why they have become all other sect. you did’nt anwser my frist question?

  4. 4. Paul Says:

    Bro Bob, I agree with what you say in above comment.

    I wanted to say that I appreciate the way you respected the wishes of others who asked you to take the poem down.

    And while the Restoration has a somewhat unique mixture of the above problems, we need to remember that there are plenty of other groups with the above problems, and worse.

    I appreciate your site.

  5. 5. Paul Says:

    Another reason I will add to your list:

    They say they are Nondenominational and Nonsectarian, and condemn “sectarian strife”, (which is good), but they do not live by these standards, IMO. I feel that is dishonest.

  6. 6. bob Says:

    Hi Jake,

    >>>i seen that coming that is why they have become all other sect.

    No they were sectarian when you joined them. You were just to undiscerning to see it. One thing the Lord has showed me is I am not to downplay the errors of the Restoration and thereby make excuses for myself why I was a part of them. I need to be honest and forthright, I was spiritual stupid, I didn’t see it, I was blind to their clear errors, and further I not only didn’t see it but I imbibed to some degree that super-sectarian spirit that drives them.

    >>>you did’nt anwser my frist question?

    My dear wife asked me to not post things concerning our home life so I agreed to take the poem down. For me it was a love poem and a cry to my wife that I hoped would help her see the error of her way. Perhaps wanting to shame her into changing was not the best way to do things.


  7. 7. William Says:

    “They are also quick to beleive and repeat any evil rumor about those who have left”.

    Wow, that is true. I recently experienced it firsthand. I was called by a family member in the sect and told some things I didn’t know about myself. Horrible things. I amazes me that a group who puts such an evil label on things like cigarettes and alcohol, which are not even specifically labeled as bad in the bible, gloss over an evil like gossip, which is specifically labeled as bad in the bible. Watch out for these people. They have distorted views of sin.

  8. 8. bob Says:

    Hi William,

    This is true of many professing Christians it is not just the Restoration members that do it. And if you look into your own life you probable have done it to others. It does give us some insight to how evil it is when it is done to us and that is a good time to look inward and see if we have any of that to repent of.

    Christian love.


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