Jun 02

Distance Divided By Time Equals SpeedI purchased a Cervelo P2-SL back on March 29th and today I took it for its first 25km ride.

I pulled off 12.59km in 24:55 which was an average of 30.3km/h. I did my 5km run in 30:59 which is 9.68km/h. My best running speed for 5km is 10km/h.

On my way back to home base I did the 12.59km in 26:19 which is 28.7km/h.

My aim is to hit an average of 32km/h on both legs. To do this I will need to pull my average time down to 23:36.

Today my second leg was 5.3% slower than the first leg. So I would have need a first leg time of 22:21 and a second leg time of 24:51 to get the average time of 23:36 per leg which would give me the average speed of 32km/h for the two legs of 25km.

The reason why I would want to pull an average of 32km/h on both legs is so that I am not using wind or elevation to my advantage. Also taking your average speed on 25km is better than on a mere 12.5km.

12.59km / 0.4153hr = 30.3km/h

1/(32kmph/12.59km) = 0.3934hr or 23:36 minutes

Shaving 02:34 off my current best of 24:55 for 12:5km will be no easy task. My cardio was find doing the 24:55 but my legs tired out and I couldn’t push any harder. I have already been considering getting a book on how to pick up your bike speed.

I am guessing that it will take me 3 months of dedicated training to increase my leg power. This should also bring my weight down to around 150.

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