Aug 19

Post Workout 08-19-09I hit a new low today of 154.6LB. After my 25km cycle and 10km run this morning my weight was 155.0LB. This evening I was feeling quite fresh so I did another 25km cycle and 5km run. This took me down to 154.6LB.

Today’s Calorie Deficient (CD) was 2054C, my Weight Loss (WL) was 0.59LB, and my Calorie Deficiency (CD) weight calculates out to 155.97LB. Post-workout weight was 154.6LB.

This is day 10 of 25 in my quest to lose 10lbs in 25 days.

Food 1704c:
Apricots 70c
Watermelon 120c
Striploin Steak 200c
Carrot Juice 210c
Fresh Figs 400c
Wild Pacific Salmon 200c
Peaches 54c
Yogurt & Almonds 280c
Caesar Salad 200c

Calorie Tax:

Today’s Workout 1874c:
25km cycle 54:13 442c
10km run 77:44 660c
25km cycle 54:23 442c
5km run 37:56 330c

End Of Day Weight According To CD:
156.56LB – ((1603BMR x 1.2AL) + (1874CB – 1704CI) / 3500CPLB) = 155.97LB

Scale Weight: (evening post-workout)

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