Aug 18

Post-Workout Weight 08-18-09I hit a new low today of 155.6LB. This is my 9th of 25 days and I am almost half way which is 154.8LB. I estimate that I will be 154.8LB in another 2 days which will be just about right now schedule for 149.8LB in 25 days.

In 6 days I am leaving for PEI so I am trying to work extra hard before I leave to lose as much as I can. I always be better when I am at home and don’t go out or visit around.

Today’s Calorie Deficient (CD) was 1546C, my Weight Loss (WL) was 0.44LB, and my Calorie Deficiency (CD) weight calculates out to 156.56LB. Post-workout weight was 155.6LB.

This is day 9 of 25 in my quest to lose 10lbs in 25 days.

Food 1358c:
Apricots 75c
Peaches 135c
Kiwi 90c
Figs 600c
Watermelon 68c
Yogurt & Almonds 240c
Caesar Salad 150c

Calorie Tax:

Morning Workout 980c:
25km cycle 61:27 320c
10km run 77:44 660c

End Of Day Weight According To CD:
157.0LB – ((1603BMR x 1.2AL) + (980CB – 1358CI) / 3500CPLB) = 156.56LB

Scale Weight: (fasted post-workout)

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