Aug 17

Today’s Calorie Deficient (CD) was 1858C, my Weight Loss (WL) was 0.53LB, and my Calorie Deficiency (CD) weight calculates out to 157.0LB. Post-workout weight was 157.2LB.

This is day 8 of 25 in my quest to lose 10lbs in 25 days.

Food 1045c:
Carrot Juice 350c
Halibut 275c
Strawberries 170c
Blueberries 250c

Calorie Tax:

Morning Workout 980c:
25km cycle 57:42 320c
10km run 72:07 660c

End Of Day Weight According To CD:
157.53LB – ((1603BMR x 1.2AL) + (980CB – 1045CI) / 3500CPLB) = 157.0LB

Scale Weight: (fasted post-workout)

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