Aug 12

08-12-09 WeightToday’s Calorie Deficient (CD) was 1902C, my Weight Loss (WL) was 0.54LB, and my Calorie Deficiency (CD) weight calculates out to 158.56LB.

My post-workout weight for the morning was 156.4LB, and after my evening Elliptical workout my weight was 156.2LB. I should hit 155LB tomorrow.

08-12-09 Body Fat PercentMy Body Fat Percent (BFP) is 16.8% which is good. Muscle burns more calories than fat and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) goes up as your Lean Mass (LM) goes up.

My BMR goes up 14 calories for every percent my BFP goes down. That means I can consume 16.8 more calories a day (14BMR x 1.2AL = 16.8C) for every percent my BFP goes down and remain at the same weight.

This is day 3 of 25 in my quest to lose 10lbs in 25 days.

Post-Workout Fruit And Nuts ShakePost-Workout Shake 926c:
Olive Oil 6g 53c
Avocado 48g 61c
Walnuts 9g 59c
Brazil Nuts 9g 59c
Sunflower Seeds 9g 50c
Pumpkin Seeds 10g 55c
Almonds 12g 72c
Poppy Seeds 5g 27c
Sesame Seeds 7g 39c
Flaxseed 7g 37c
Almond Meal 5g 30c
Hemp Nuts 11g 62g
Pineapple 111g
Blueberries 82g 58c
Grapes 53g 37c
Honey 11g 33c
Whey Protein 22g 85c
Water 1 cup 0c

Gala AppleGala Apple 75c:

Salmon & Pineapple/Whey Protein Shake — Tax 300c Calories: Elliptical Trainer 46:22
Salmon & Pineapple Whey Shake

Caesar Salad 600g — Tax 260c: I still owe on this one
Dole Blue Label Light Caesar Salad 218g
Dole American (romaine, red cabbage, carrots, & radishes) 340g
Garlic 3 cloves
Premium Aged Parmesan Cheese 3g
Big Ceasar Salad

Morning Workout 980c:
25km cycle 52:13 29kmph 320c
10km run 84:24 660c

End Of Day Weight According To CD:
159.10LB – ((1603BMR x 1.2AL) + (980CB – 1001CI) / 3500CPLB) = 158.56LB

Scale Weight: (fasted post-workout)

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