Mar 03 has an online list of people and places of the Bible with their audio pronunciation.

This can be very helpful if you need to read a passage publicly and want to check and make sure you are pronouncing it correctly.

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2 Responses to “Audio Pronunciation of Biblical Words”

  1. 1. Tom Peshek Says:

    Just wanted to see how usfull this site is for biblical pronounceation.

  2. 2. chris Says:

    I did not find this as useful as i hoped. I’m in search of one that either has teh entire list on 1 page and you click a name and it says it ( i know huge load time) or one that allows you to type it in and it says it because it already knows teh words. Main reason is for bible study use. I can use my computer but there is no internet. If it was cached on 1 page I’d be set.

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