May 22

Spiritual GrowthBack on April the 14th, I posted how the Lord was dealing with me about giving up playing chess on the Internet and over the board, reading international news on the Internet and in books, and reading electronic gadget and electric vehicle blogs on the Internet.

I had been spending on the average about 2 to 3 hours a day and some times more on these pursuits. It has been a month now since I have left off these pursuits and instead I am trying to spend that time perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

Every month or so I take some time out in prayer and meditation to examine my Christian experience and to prayerfully consider the areas I need to work on and what actions I need to take.

While I was on a trip up in Burns Lake last weekend I had some time to myself and I made up the following list of areas in my spiritual life where I feel the Lord is dealing with me to do better. Please pray for me that I will wholly give myself to the below list of things I feel the Lord has pointed out to me, and that I may increase in each of these areas by the grace of God.

Better Prayer Life — First thing when you get up and at least for an 1/2 hour; at the end of the day with reflection and confession of areas you lacked, asking and giving room for correction and instruction from the Lord; pray before you drive, when you leave your dwelling, when you go to town, before you visit your Christian friends, when you go on the Internet, before you answer the phone; during your day confess to the Lord any areas you have lacked grace in and ask for help, correction, and instruction; pray for family, friends, and brethren daily; maintain a prayer list and go over it daily.

Reading — Spend more time in the Word; first thing in the morning read 1 chapter in Proverbs, 5 chapters in Psalms, and 9 chapters in the New Testament; take a Bible and a spiritual book on practical Christian living with you everywhere you go; take time to read your Bible at breaks, when you eat, when you are waiting somewhere.

Retire & Rise Early — To bed by 10pm to 11pm and up by 5am to 6am.

Exercise Regularly — Bike 25km and run 5km 6 days a week.

Speech — Refer to yourself as little as possible in conversation and move the topic of the conversation away from yourself as quickly as possible; don’t brag or boast about temporal blessings; don’t joke-lie (Pr 26:18-19 NIV), don’t be foolish, and act your age; don’t bring up the weaknesses or failures of others and if you do, apologize and confess your lack in that area and ask for prayer; when the weaknesses or faults of others are brought up in conversation, either excuse yourself from the conversation or confess the conviction God has given you to not talk about the faults of others, but instead to pray more for them and suggest a time of prayer for the person right there; when you testify of any spiritual victories you have, also note a spiritual need and request prayer for that area; always note that it is “by God’s grace” when you discuss any victories you have.

Commitments — When making any commitment, say you will try to do such and such Lord willing; record all commitments you make and the time they are to be done by, if you are not going to be able to complete any commitments by the time you have committed to do them, contact the person and let them know; record all the commitments you make; pray daily for guidance in the making of any commitments; make a list of any unkept commitments and deal with one of them a day.

Business — Don’t be slothful in business.

Tract Work — Everywhere you go, carry Bibles to pass out, short and long tracts for the unconverted and the converted, and spiritual books to be loaned out to the unconverted and the converted.

Pray Without Ceasing — Talk out loud to Jesus throughout your day, ask Him questions and give attention to his answers.

Memorization — Take time to memorize scriptures daily.

Dress & Conduct — Always dress and act in a way that will not draw any attention to yourself; desire to be unknown, unseen, unrecognized; never do anything for the praise of man; whatever you do, do it as onto the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength.

Loving God & Neighbor — Increase in loving God with all your heart, mind, and strength and your neighbor as yourself.

Works — Do good to all men, but especially other Christians.

Confession — Don’t delay confession of your errors, faults, and mistakes to others.

Fasting — Fast regularly.

Encourage & Exhort — Set aside time daily to phone others with a word of encouragement and exhortation.

Email & Voice Mail — Answer your voice mail and email daily.

Witnessing — Always be ready to say a word for the Lord and never draw back.

Thought Life — Cast evil thoughts out of your mind quicker; don’t think on those things that are untrue, dishonorable, unjust, impure, unlovely, of bad report, immoral, and not worthy of praise.

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