Dec 16

Question: As far as your doctrine of sinlessness, in my most honest of opinions, it is the silliest doctrine that anyone could hold. I have spoken with a number of young men from the Church of God Restoration that have clearly and plainly told me that they are trusting in the work of Jesus and their own sinless life to get them to heaven. Are you not trusting in your own holiness?

Answer: I am not sure what you mean by the doctrine of sinlessness. I would use the term “free from sin”, but I reject (as do all holiness people) the term sinless perfection. This is a tag that those that disagree with the Wesleyian-Arminian view have put on the free from sin teaching. I suggest you read my article on the Free from Sin Teaching.

The only holiness that I have is that which is imputed and imparted by Christ. I have none of my own.

As far as the young men from the Church of God Restoration (COGR): While I do not want to be seen standing up for the COGR group as I have serious disagreements with them in a number of areas, there clearly are some examples of godliness and holy living there. They just need to get free from the bigoted and sectarian spirit the group has imbibed.

As far as them saying they are trusting in their own sinless life to get to heaven, you will not catch me saying that. I do not know how you got that out of them. I cannot see them coming out and saying that, and I hope they do not believe that.

It may be possible to corner some of them who do not know how to articulate the teaching of holiness, and lead them down the garden path, adding up a number of things they said and pasting them together to get that. But I do not think you have had anyone tell you that point blank. “I am trusting in the merits of Christ and my sinlessness to get to heaven.”

Na, I do not believe it.

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