May 16

B.T. RobertsAre you a backslider? The question is not untimely nor impertinent. Do not dismiss it readily. You may be backslidden in heart and not know it. Many are.

You know that something is not right, but you never suspect that the trouble is with yourself. You think that the preachers you hear and the papers you read are not as they used to be. The way things look to us often depends upon our own eyesight. Perhaps the difficulty may be, in part at least, with yourself.

It may be that Divine truths do not affect you as they once did, because you have lost your interest in Divine things. The failure of sermons to touch you may be owing to your own hardness of heart. It is possible that even you have lost your first love. It will do no harm to look into the matter.
–B.T. Roberts

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