Jun 02

This image is all over the internet as a PNG file and is 654KB in size. I loaded it up into Jasc Paint Shop Pro v9.0 and saved it has a JPG, and in the options I set it at compression factor of 1 (lowest compression and best quality).  Under Run Optimizer I set the compression value to 30. My saved JPG file is 35.6KB in size. That is 1/20th the size.

Of course I am not the only person that is doing this.

Anyway, I liked this picture because it reminds me of all the fruits I put into my shakes.

Apple Orange Lemon Lime Pear:

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2 Responses to “Apple Orange Lemon Lime Pear”

  1. 1. Frozeninsect Says:


  2. 2. bob Says:

    Looks good to eat eh!

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