Mar 22

Amish Maple Syrup Well I bought 60 – 500ml bottles of Maple Syrup from the Amish. It is freshly poured hot by Amos Martin in Linwood, Ontario.

I love going door to door and talking to people so I hit 25 homes as soon as I got home for picking the Maple Syrup up.I closed 40% which is not to bad.

Thats 10 sales in 25 calls. I was trying for 50% but I hit a bad run right at the last. That is with 2 be backs which I will go and see this weekend and 3 charges.

The product is in a nice glass bottle with a sealed top. Both No Frills and ValueMart sell #1 light 500ml for $12.99. When I was out selling eggs in Vienna I have an inquiry about Maple Syrup some I thought I would get some.

I am selling these for $12 each no tax so they will go pretty fast. I hear the price of Maple Syrup may be going up. If you are looking for Gallon Jugs I deliver them for $45 or you can pick them up from Paul at Woodpeckers on Walker Road.

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6 Responses to “Amish Maple Syrup”

  1. 1. Gloria Says:

    mmm….if it was closer, I’d want a bottle. :)

  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I have gallons for $42. Keep in mind it is Medium not Light. I wonder what the shipping would be to your area. Hey where do you live any way. Perhaps I could have someone for the R drop it off to you.

  3. 3. Gloria Says:

    It sounds delicious, but probably not doable. The shipping would probably be atrocious for that weight. I live in Winnipeg, MB. and ha ha- nobody from the Stbch congregation would want to go anywhere close to my house, I’m sure. Thanks anyway. :)

  4. 4. bob Says:


  5. 5. Paul Says:

    Homemade and farm-raised food is always so much better and healthier than store bought food. The Amish were wise to stay on the farm living life the way God intended during the generational mad rush to city life of the last century. Of course a Christian can live in the city, but the rural farm life is an incomparably better environment for a Christian home, raising and teaching children, and seeing God’s handiwork. I am always amazed at all the variety of good fresh things the Lord created! (I was just looking at fruit tree varieties) What a mighty God we serve! Every good thing comes from Him! He is sooo much greater than His creation! May we all serve such a wonderful Savior daily!

  6. 6. bob Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I like the idea of farm raised foods also. I grew up on a small hobby farm where he had a LARGE garden, cow, bees, fruit trees, and a very large lawn to mow.



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