May 11

B.T. Roberts“Evil communications corrupt good manners.” Some of our people, by working in popular revivals, have got in a bad way of working.

They talk too much, and sing too much, and pray too little. They do not appear to get the burden of souls upon them. They do not pray with the intercession of the Spirit, “with groanings that cannot he uttered.”

We must never forget that souls are not saved by prayer, but by the power of God in answer to prayer. We do not pray to men, but to God. Therefore, if fifty pray at once it is no confusion, for God can hear fifty or a thousand at the same time, as well as one.

Invariably, where people take hold together in this way, the best results are realized. The converts are more numerous, and stronger, and longer-lived. Let us do time work which God has committed to us just as nearly as we can in God’s own way.
–B.T. Roberts

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