May 10

B.T. RobertsBrother, when any persons come forward to be prayed for, and you undertake to lead in prayer, then pray for them. If you are not in a spiritual condition to do it, then be honest and go forward for prayers yourself.

But do not substitute a sermon on your knees for prayer. Do not attempt to inform the Lord what he is. Come to him in simplicity, and in plain, earnest language ask him to do the work that the Spirit makes you feel needs to be done. Many words are not necessary.

Borrowed beauties of expression are not necessary. But definiteness and simplicity, and faith, are necessary. If the seeker is not under conviction, as he should be, pray conviction upon him. If he lacks light, try and bring to his soul the light of the Holy Ghost. If the Lord gives you anything for him, it can be said in a few words; say it, and they keep him looking to the Lord for deliverance.

All our members should be good workers at the altar. They may be, if they will. If you are not a good altar worker, will you become one? Consecrate yourself to God for this service, and he will fire you up, and use you.
–B.T. Roberts

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