Jan 20

Affordable Premium Web Design:

The brothers and I are working hard to put together a spec for a full featured Website with a quality design build on top of content management system (CMS).

The plan is to start off with 5 quality web templates and add 5 additional web templates each month that our clients can pick from.

We are using the More Christ Like blog website as our showcase site for the Premium Web Design.

Currently brother Abe Fehr and I are working on adding the below Premium Website list of features to the More Christ Like blog.

Today we setup the automated back feature up that backs up all files and databases daily (keeps 15 days) and then from the backend you are given the option to download the files to your work station.

We also added up the Polling application. This is a feature that makes it easier to get your visitors to interact with the website. I added a post to More Christ Like blog about the new logo we are getting for the site and used the Polling Application there.

Premium Website:

  • Main:
  • $500 Onetime Website Setup — currently 50% off
  • $120/yr hosting — required, currently 25% off
  • Copyrighted Website Template — you receive the design rights for one domain only
  • 10 advanced pages — Home, About Us, Contact Form, Privacy Policy, FAQ, Links, Photo, Sitemap, Products/Services E-Commerce, Blog
  • 10 Pages Of Optimized Content — $20/page for additional pages, currently 50% off
  • Content Management System — Creates, edits pages in an editor with user-friendly workflow, a rich plugin architecture, and an advanced templating system
  • Advanced Spelling/Style/Grammar Editor — Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking, and Intelligent Grammar Checking. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions
  • Blog — An easy way to share your company news, updates, and offers
  • Email — Has an unlimited amount of email addresses
  • Privacy Policy — Lets your users and customers know what you are doing with their personal information
  • Design:
  • Two Or Three Column Design Template — Flexible number of columns in design
  • First Sourced Content Column — Places the content at the top so the search engine see it first
  • w3c Validated Pages — Ensures that proper HTML and CSS code has been used
  • Cross Browser Compatibility — Works in latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari
  • Table-less HTML — Uses external CSS for design
  • Markup In External CSS File — Loads design once and keeps it in cache
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype — Document type
  • Media:
  • Photo Application — Fully integrated Image Gallery plugin with a Flash slideshow option
  • Embedded Audio Player — Provides an easy way to embed an audio player into your blog or pages
  • Embedded  Videos — Provide an easy way to embed YouTube videos into your blog or pages
  • Social:
  • Social Media Badges — Social media badges to promote your site through Twitter’s micro blog, Facebook’s business fan page, and Flickr’s photos
  • RSS Link — RSS allows your readers to subscribe to your frequently updated content
  • Blog Rating — Adds a rating system to your blog’s posts/pages
  • Users Online — Enables you to display how many users are online on your Wordpress blog with detailed statistics of where they are and who there are (members/guests/search bots)
  • Polling Application — Easily adds polls to your website
  • XML-RPC Ping Services — Automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a ping
  • E-Commerce:
  • Call to Action — text call to action for each product/service page, we suggest upgrade to graphic call to action
  • E-Commerce — Provides an industrial strength, elegant, easy to use, and fully featured solution for selling your products, services, and or fees online, with Paypal integration
  • Technical:
  • XML Sitemap — Generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. The format supported by Ask.com, Bing, Google, and Yahoo
  • Scheduled On-Sever Backup — Automatically scheduled backup of your files and database
  • Off-Server Backup To Workstation — Easily downloads backup files to your workstation
  • Website Analytics — Provides easy-to-use features to analyze your website traffic. This will enable you to better target your current website traffic and increase your conversion rate
  • Stats — Displays your WordPress blog statistics, ranging from general total statistics to top 10 statistics
  • Optional:
  • Customer Relationship Management — Web Based Contact Management, Communications Tracking, and To-Do Lists.  Starts with 1 user, 200 Contacts, 1GB Storage
  • Email Marketing — Website pop-up opt-in for emailed marketing materials. Manages subscriber list, tracks campaign performance, and integrates with Google Analytics. Up to 500 subscribers and 3000 emails/month
  • Amazon Affiliate — Showcases items from Amazon with affiliate links

Additional Services:

  • $50 to $250 Customizing of Website Template — changes to the design template on the Premium Turnkey Website
  • $249 Cutting And Theming Current Site — convert site to table-less markup in CSS and theme for WordPress Content Management System (CMS), currently 25% off, could go back to full price any time
  • $150 Install WordPress Blog — install software and custom set up, install plugins to add functionality, doesn’t include theming of your current website design, currently 50% off, could go back to full price any time
  • $99 Logo Design & Logo Consulting — we help you choose logo concepts and have a professional logo design do 6 logo concepts with unlimited changes
  • $75 Integration of Logo into Website Template — add logo to website template
  • $19 Register Domain name & Setup Registrar Account — domain consulting, setup a registrar account, purchase domain for you, currently 50% off, could go back to full price any time
  • $25/page Add Pages To Current Site — integrate pages into current menu system, fully optimized page, original content, currently 50% off, could go back to full price any time
  • $300 Graphic Call To Action — contact form wrapped in custom graphics, design to match your website, phone number integrated into graphics, with 3 plugin ads (BBB, CoC, & Ad)
  • $75/hr Change Orders — website design or content changes
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2 Responses to “Affordable Premium Web Design”

  1. 1. dennis Says:

    Interesting concept Bob but what advantage would your web design be over a blog for the church to get connected?

  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    This is just a template that is put on a CMS with a blog and lots of extras. So if you don’t need the extras thats fine.

    But to get a website done like the ones we are doing would run around $2500 or higher if you had someone other than us do it.

    We will lose at first but after we get all the bugs worked and we have the install automated I think we will do okey. The idea is to get to a level where we can do 1000 sites a year.



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