Nov 04

Well, I have been considering the idea of putting an ad in the Aylmer Express newspaper for quite some time. Last week I went ahead and ordered the ad, and I received the finial proof today. It will be one column by 2.5 inches and will cost $52.92 a month.

I will be changing the article titles in the advertisement each week to the current featured articles. I checked with both the Tillsonburg News and the St. Thomas Times-Journal, but the price is quite a bit higher (around $34 a week). I am just going to run the ad in the Aylmer Express for the first month or so, to see how the traffic changes.

Then, perhaps, I will do the St. Thomas paper for a month and then switch to the Tillsonburg paper for a month. This way I can gauge the traffic increases and see which ad is working the best.

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