Nov 16

Victor Wiebe WorkingBob Mutch WorkingIf you would ask a typical Christian what sin God sees as an abomination most would quickly tell you homosexuality.

Victor and I did a study for this morning devotions on those things that God calls abominations.

It almost seems like God sees all sins as an abomination.

One area that I feel like I need a greater carefulness is in making sure I don’t justify the wicked or condemn the just.

–Many different sexual sins (Lev 18:1-26).

–Serving other gods (Deut 13:13-15).

–Offering a sacrifice that has a blemish (Deut 17:1).

–Wearing clothing that pertains to the oppsite gender (Deut 22:5).

–All that do unrighteously (Deut 25:15).

–The devious and perverse (Pr 3:32).

–A proud look, lying (Pr 12:22), murder, wicked imaginations, devising evil continually, a false witness, and sowing discord (Pr 6:6-19).

–Unjust weights and a false balance (Deut 25:15; Pr 11:1, 20:10).

–The sacrifice of the wicked (Pr 15:8, 21:27).

–The thoughts of the wicked (Pr 15:26).

–The proud in heart (Pr 16:5).

–To justify the wicked or condemn the just (Pr 17:15).

–For kings to commit wickedness (Pr 16:12).

–Prayers of those that turn from hearing the law (Pr 28:9).

–Oppressed the poor and needy, commit violence robbery, not returning collateral, looking to idols, and take excessive interest (Ezek 18:12-13).

–That which is highly esteemed among men (Lk 16:5).

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One Response to “Abomination To God”

  1. 1. Fred Anderson Says:

    Nobody (much) argues that sin is an abomination. The real arguement is that homosexuality is now OK with God and the church. Fr. Cozzen’s book “The Changing Face of the Priesthood” estimates up to 60% of current Roman Catholic priests ar homosexual. The Episcopal Church, and the Luthern Church have OK’d ordaining gay people. The Methodists say they won’t but have an openly lesbian ordained minister. The church needs to stand on teh truth of God’s word, not on political correctness to direct her path! Many claim the new testament is silent on teh subject. a quick read of Rom.1:16-31 dispels that myth.

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