Jan 08

A Plain Account Of Christian PerfectionToday I finish reading Wesley’s book “A Plain Account of Christian Perfection“. I have read it through a number of times before and I never fail to receive much good to my soul from reading it.

I received so much good from reading the book this time I have decided to read it through again. It is only a small book with 28 chapters and 119 pages but it is packed of Wesley’s view of entire sanctification.

John Wesley taught that salvation was received in two works. The first work, justification, was where a sinner came to Christ by faith to be saved from their committed sins with the conditions being godly sorrow and repentance. This experience delivered a person from the power of sin where they had completely victory over sinning.

The second work of grace, entire sanctification, is where a child of God comes to God by faith to have the Adamic sin nature removed and their heart purified from the sin nature.

I have just published two booklets of 40 pages each which contain what I consider some of the more important chapters of this book. The booklet “Further Thoughts On Christian Perfection” contains the following chapters.

Chapter 25 Further Thoughts On Christian Perfection
Chapter 26 Brief Summation of Wesley’s Views
Chapter 27 Plea For Impartial Judgement Of His Teaching
Chapter 28 A Defense Of The Doctrine

The second booklet “Selections From A Plain Account Of Christian Perfection” has the following chapters in it.

Chapter 12 Views On Christian Perfection
Chapter 13 Two Works Of Grace
Chapter 15 Misunderstandings Concerning Perfection
Chapter 17 Questions And Answers On The Doctrine Of Sanctification
Chapter 19 Thoughts On Christian Perfection
Chapter 23 Questions To Those Who Deny That Christian Perfection Is Attainable In This Life

I am making both of these booklets available for free with free shipping to Canada and USA. The booklets are also available on this website in PDF booklet form where you can print them out yourself.

Here is where you can print out the two Plain Account booklets that I just published.

Here is my how-to to print the booklets that I have on this site.

Also here is where my monthly Holiness Journal and all 143 sermons of John Wesley in booklet form ready to print.

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