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A Person Robert Powell Depicting Jesus Preaching:
A Person Depicting Jesus Preaching

Click on “Continued Reading” if you want to see a tribute to Robert Power for his performance in the movie “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Note: This was originally posted Jan 8/2010.

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7 Responses to “A Person Depicting Jesus Preaching”

  1. 1. dennis Says:

    That picture seems to be suggesting that my Lord was a raving maniac.
    This person wants to project a poor image of Jesus.

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    I believe that this picture is from a Jesus film. I am not sure which one and I don’t remember where I found it. I did look around on some of the Jesus films to see if I could find the film it was from but I couldn’t find it (if in fact that is where it is from).

    Personally I really like the picture and I don’t see the picture as a raving maniac.

    I rather doubt that when Jesus look at the Pharisees with anger, when it drove the money changers out of the temple, and where he denounced the religious leaders of his day that he did it in a monotone voice and with out expressions that also conveyed what he was feeling and doing.


  3. 3. David Says:

    Well, hmm,

    It cetainly doesn’t seem to project the image of a loving, tolerent, forgiving Jesus that is so often preached… but….. ???


    As per the driving out of the money changers, well, some have noted that the money changers were necessary as the rabbi’s of the church would not accept Roman coins, althought I must say I certainly don’t quite understand the argument, such as put forth here:

    It will not help matters to say that these money-changers were violating a divine law, and needed chastisement with a whip. Is not the man who smites us upon the cheek, or robs us of our clothing, equally guilty? Moreover, these traders in the outer courts of the synagogue were rendering the worshipers a useful service. Just as candles, rosaries, images and literature are sold in church vestibules for the accommodation of Catholics, so were doves, pigeons and Hebrew coins, necessary to the Jewish sacrifices, sold in the temple-courts for the Jewish worshiper. The money changer who supplied the pious Jew with the only sacred coin which the priests would accept was not very much less important to the Jewish religion than the rabbi. To have fallen upon these traders with a weapon, and to have caused them the loss of their property, was certainly the most inconsistent thing that “meek” and “lowly” Jesus preaching non-resistance could have done.
    http://www.infidels.org/library/historical/m_m_mangasarian/truth_about_jesus.html “The Truth About Jesus” M.M. MANGASARIAN, from Independent Religious Society, ORCHESTRA HALL, CHICAGO, 1909


  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi David,

    >>>It cetainly doesn’t seem to project the image of a loving, tolerent, forgiving Jesus that is so often preached… but….. ???

    My mothers Pastor didn’t seem to like it either. But I have a feeling that the Jesus that started out and finished his ministry with tipping over the money changers tables, looking around at the religious leaders with anger, and railed on the religious hyprocrites in Matt 23, was very intolerent of religous hyprocrites.

    I liked the picture quite a bit.



  5. 5. Mike Says:

    The picture is from the 1970’s TV series ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. The fine actor portraying Jesus is Robert Powell. Perhaps before making knee-jerk reactions to a picture, you might like to watch the series and actually realise that it is one of the finest depictions of Jesus in any TV or film made about his life and times, and one that is respectful of its subject - and I say this from the viewpoint of someone who isn’t a Christian.

  6. 6. bob Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for letting me know this was Robert Powell. I posted a youtube tribute for his performance.

    Who were you comments pointed at?


  7. 7. dane Says:

    Jesus was not some sissy, effeminate person walking around with flowers singing lullyby’s! NO! HE WAS ZEAL AND FIRE AND TRUTH! HE CLEANSED TEMPLES!! DROVE OUT DEMONS!! REBUKED THE FAKE BELIEVERS…and did it all in love!

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