Aug 21

I wear a hat and it is useful when there is immodesty around.

Here is a good modesty standard for Christian men and women. I learned this from the Faith & Victory people (thank you Ron and Ann) and some of it from the Restoration people (thank you Danny).

Men: Shoes and long socks (no bare feet), long sleeved shirt with top button done up, t-shirt under their shirt, and pants.

Women: Shoes, hoses, full and pleated dresses with a slip, dress length about about 4″ from the floor and you shouldn’t be able to see through the dress in the sunlight. Undergarments, t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt with top button done up and a long vest and long hair up in a neat bun. If you want to put a cloth on your head (some feel this is the headcovering) that doesn’t bother me, but the hair is the womens covering.

Children: the same – except that the sister children braid their hair until they become young women.

All: No bright flashy colors – like red – and no loud patterns on the fabric, no designer name brands, and no writing on the clothing. Glasses should be modest and not flashy, and sunglasses should be conservative and not worldly looking.

While I believe this to be the right standard, I don’t believe it is right to look down on others if they hold a different standard. I love this modest standard of dress and I believe it is beautiful in the sight of the Lord. It is not bondage or a burden to me, it is in my heart. It is a conviction that God gave me.

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