Oct 30
Bigoted Boy

To Condemn Me To Hell Because I Don't Believe That The Church of God (Restoration) Is The One True Visible Church, And All Other Congregations Are Of The Devil And False Is Worse Than The Attitude Of This Poor Bigoted Boy!

I want to express my love to my Christian friends of some odd 20 years that are in the Church of God Restoration (COGR) group.

I love you all dearly, but at the same time I must exhort you to not be bigoted and sectarian in your spirit by refusing to accept me as a Christian, based on the false reports you have received from the COGR ministry.

While the Bible calls us to rejoice when others “say all manner of evil against you falsely” (Mat 5:11) at the same time the Word calls us in meekness to instruct those of their error and call them to repentance (2Tim 2:25).

If you have given into this sectarian and bigoted spirit promoted by the Church of God Restoration ministers, I call you to repentance for this sin.

Don’t be misled by just a few short quotes you have been read from the 5 page letter I sent to Henry Hildebrandt. You can only get the context by reading the whole letter.

Don’t allow the COGR ministers – that the Bible has called to be your servants – to exercise Gentile type lordship over you (Mar 10:42) with intimidation and spiritual threats to cast you out of the body of Christ if you don’t obey them.

Put Jesus first and obey him no matter what any man claims he can do to you. Keep in mind that none of the COGR messengers (angels) can separate you from the love of God (Rom 8:38, 39). Don’t believe their false claim to have the keys to the body of Christ. Only sin can put you out of the body of Christ, and disobedience to teachings, standards, or rules that are unbiblical and setup by well-meaning ministers are not sin – no matter what those ministers say.

Don’t believe their reports that you are told without checking them out first. Stand on the Word that clearly teaches us to not follow the example of “the simple” that “believeth every word” (Pro 14:15). Be prudent, and don’t “answereth a matter” (Pro 18:13) before looking into it, knowing that “he that is first in his own cause seemeth just” (Pro 18:17).

Now, if you have to make a decision to not accept me as a Christian based on the fact that I disagree with the COGR on a number of their teachings – like marrying the church, or the position that it is sinful to go to the hospital for an appendectomy (both teachings I have never agreed with) – then you are truly bigoted and sectarian in spirit, and I call you to repentance. Not accepting man made rules, or not understanding non-essential doctrines of the Bible is not sin.

I also want to express a heart full of love towards you COGR ministers who in error have cast me out of the fellowship here in Aylmer.

I pray for you regularly, and by the grace of God, I have nothing but love in my heart for your souls. This love constrains me to warn you, so that you may be recovered from your confusion.

I publicly call the three ordained ministers from the Church of God Restoration, Henry Hildebrandt, Danny Layne, Ray Tinsmen, to repentance for your sin of sectarianism and bigotry for your decision to casting me out of the Church of God Restoration assemblies and slandering my good Christian name by telling the members of that movement that I am not saved – based on the contents of my letter to Henry Hildbrandt which contained my 16 objectives to COGR practices and doctrines.

May God have mercy on your souls, and it is my hope that you have committed these sins in ignorance and that our merciful God will not impute these sins to you.

Christian love and prayers,

Bob Mutch

Definition of Bigot — stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

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2 Responses to “A Call To Repentance”

  1. 1. SueEllen Hester Says:

    I have just been introduced to your website. I find it very interesting and I really concur with most
    that I have already read. I am just curious about the picture above of the boy holding the posted
    that says he will not go to school with negros. What is the purpose of the picture. Am i missing
    something? Could you tell me? Thanks

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi SueEllen,

    The picture of the boy with the sign is an example of bigotry against blacks during the years of segregated schools. Below the picture I had added the heading “To Condemn Me To Hell Because I Don’t Believe That The Church of God (Restoration) Is The One True Visible Church, And All Other Congregations Are Of The Devil And False Is Worse Than The Attitude Of This Poor Bigoted Boy”.



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