03-07-09 Exercise & Food Learn The Number Of Calories Different Foods Have
Mar 07

weight-lossAfter loosing 25lbs in ~2.5 month I am pretty clear on what the top tips for weight loss have been for me. It doesn’t matter what kind of a diet system you follow.

Your diet system may be a high carbs, low carbs, or a low fat diet it is still all about calories in and calories out. There are no magic pills, only hard work and self denial, All the vitamins, minerals, supplements, EGCg, CLA, and BCAA really only amount to about 1% or 2% difference.

The bottom line is calories in and calories out!

1. Public Commitment Brings Accountability — Make a declaration that you are going to lose weight and get as many friends and family as you can to support you and hold your to your commitment. A public commitment to lose weight brings accountability.

2. Exercise Is A Must — Exercise regularly so you are burning about 500 to 750 calories a day exercising. If you are under 100lbs over weight to lose weight with out exercise is going to be very very hard.

3. Meal Portion Control — Eat controlled meal portions and learn how to count your calories.

4. Avoid High Calorie Foods — Educate yourself on all the high calorie food to avoid. Work out how many calories per gram. For example nuts are 5 calories per gram. 100g of nuts is going to be around 500 to 600 calories. 100g of sweet green peppers is only 22 calories.

5. Track Your Progress — Weigh yourself every day and track your progress and calories eaten in a journal.

6. This Is A Spiritual Work — See this as a spiritual work to obtain more of the fruit of temperance and pray to God for much grace to have victory over the desire of your flesh to over eat. If you blow you diet one day don’t even thing of quitting. Just get up the next morning and start a new day. I blew my diet by over 1000 calories one day.

7. Know Your Numbers — Find out your calorie maintenance level with no exercise, add your planned exercise calorie burn, and subtract 1000 calories if you want to loose 10lbs a month.

4 Responses to “7 Tips For Weight Loss”

  1. 1. dan Says:

    as far as losing weight goes…..you do not have to exercise at all on one eating plan i know of

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Dan, Like I noted on your last comment losing weigh is calories in and calories out. If you are 51, 170lbs, and 5′-7″ like me and you wanted to loose 10lbs a month with no exercise you would only be able to eat 904 calories a day. I don’t think 904 calories a day is healthy or realistic.

    It may be fine for people that are several 100 pounds over weight but not for some one that is trying to loose 20 to 50lbs.

  3. 3. dan Says:

    my secret shall remain a secret

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    There are no secrets in the diet business. Calories in calories out.

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