Feb 01

A number of us brothers got together on Sunday evening and discussed ways to become more mission minded. This list is not in order of importance.

1. Go without excess foods and send the saved money to missions.
2. Go without luxuries and send the saved money to missions.
3. Start giving part of your income to missions.
4. Create a mission carry bag and keep it in your vehicle. Put tracts, bibles, booklets for unsaved and saved, and a pen and note book for recording contacts.
5. Find a Christian life and missionary life accountability partner.
6. Read missionary biographies.
7. If you are considering marriage make sure you get a mission minded spouse.
8. If you are married influence your spouse to become mission minded.
9. Become more prayerful.
10. Create a prayer list for mission related works and people.
11. Find a new Christian to disciple.
12. Create a list for other Christians to pray for (get your local congregation directory),
13. Subscribe to missionary magazines.
14. Get involved in the mission board of you local congregation.
15. Be in contact with missionaries (letter or email writing).
16. Join missionary groups like the Gideons.
17. Get involved with missionary minded groups via social media (facebook).
18. Talk about all you are learning about missions with other Christians.
19. Go to mission conferences.
20. Reach out to the poor and unchurched.
21. Volunteer with inner-city missions.
22. Reach out to ethnic people groups in the closest large city to you.
23. Create a list of all the backsliders you know and start praying for them daily and contacting them once a month.
24. Make a list of all your uncle, aunts, nephews, and nieces and pray for them regularly.
25. Make a list of all your uncle, aunts, nephews, and nieces and start sending them a card on their birthday and Christmas and enclose an appropriate tract.

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