Apr 13

Running ShoesIt was an overcast day and I didn’t resist the urge to double up on my run. 20km took me 2:35:35 which is very slow.

I picked a poor day to try to do a 20km run as I took Rex for a 4km run in the morning and I think I would have done better if I drove out to the Vedder dike instead of biked there and back.

I ran 24km and biked 25km today. Here are my times.

4km dog run ~30:00
12.5km bike out ~30:10
trans ~2:30
5km run1 out 30:40
5km run1 in 40:47
5km run2 out 45:20
5km run2 in 58:48
trans 4:16
12.5km bike in 32:58

By the end of the run I was limping on my right leg. I ran for the first 12.5km and then I ran/walked for the next 2.5km. After I hit the 15km mark it was more walking than running as my time of 58:48 clearly reflects.

I didn’t have any problem with cardio and I feel like I could do around 10km/hr for 20km if my legs would hold out. The problem is my feet start to hurt.

Any way it was fun to see how bad my time would be. I will try it again as soon as I figure what I need to change to improve my time.

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