Jan 28

I have been thinking about my 5 Tips For Christians On How To Backslide and I have come up with 2 more tips on how Christians can backslide.

Again I want to be clear that the title of this post is not meant to be foolish or to deal with this subject lightly. This post is meant to provoke Christians unto love and good works. If you are doing the following things you need to stop doing them because they will cause you to slide backward toward the world.

6. Stop Attending Church Meetings Regularly — Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is (Heb 10:25).

Gathering together with the people of God is a commandment and very important. We gather together to look into the scriptures, to sing praises to God, to seek God in prayer, to hear the preached Word, and to edify one another.

If we are to busy for this then we have become to busy. Those that consider themselves spiritual should be found at the early morning prayer meetings, the Wednesday night Bible studies, and at Sunday morning and evening (if the congregation you attend has one) meetings.

Yes things come up and from time to time we all will miss a meeting here and there. But we should find this grievous and be inquiring how things when and finding out what we missed.

When you start missing these meetings this is a clear sign that you are growing cold either toward God or toward his people. Worse yet those who are parents and have children are doing are being a bad example to their children and harming them spiritually.

7. Get To Busy With Work And Making Money — Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life (John 6:27).

While we must work and provide for ourselves and our family we should have a mind to work to live not live to work. If we are spending long hours on a business that is not panning out we should just fold it up and go and get a regular job. If we have to work long hours so we can pay the bills we need to have a look at our budget and look to the Lord to help us live on less.

The idea of striving to get ahead and get a better newer vehicle and a bigger and more luxurious home is part of world. We are called to labor for Jesus. To labor for the things that don’t perish not for the things that do perish.

If you life is all work and you don’t have time to go out and labor for Jesus than you are to busy and have become entangled with the things of this world.

Look back when you were first converted. Consider the zeal you had before you were married and got a family. Have you slide backward in you desire for the things of God. Do you still have the concern you once had for the lost. Or have you settled down to working for the things of this world.

Keep in mind that the only the things done for God will last. Everything else will be burned up. Become overcharged with the things of this world is a good way to backslide and end up back in the world.

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